Sunday, August 26, 2012

What shall I sew today?

I have recently become interested in all the blogs out there, and decided to have my own.  I am a new owner of a Bernina 830 and have promised myself that I will sew every day.  Sometimes what I am doing may be of interest to you.  I hope to share tips and techniques, and occasional tutorials. Let's have fun sewing!

Yesterday, I decided to start making simple gifts that I can keep on hand.  I've purchased a monthly embroidery design collection from Masterpiece Embroidery since I found them in December.  Each month you get 30+ designs from a group of designers. I found the website because I test designs for Sew Weird Designs. Some months, Erina's Designs has provided two FSL (free standing lace) bookmarks.  I have very little experience with FSL but these designs look easy. Actually, they are great because the white stitches for a while, then I change to a colored thread for the design.  I can start it going and keep working at my computer.  Notice the Aurifil spool of 40 wt cotton? I wanted to give the look and feel of hand crocheted work.  It's pretty good.  Using cotton thread for embroidery sure creates a lot of lint.  I've been cleaning between each bookmark.  I'm sewing on an OESD Aquamesh wash away stabilizer. I am also using a 14 embroidery needle because of the weight of the thread.  I love Auriful thread! It sews like a dream.  I buy another spool any time I see it.

Please comment and tell me what your experience is with FSL.  I'll give a bookmark away to someone who comments with a random drawing on August 31st.

What shall I sew today?

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  1. Congrats on establishing a blog, Mary! Your FSL work looks pretty and perhaps I'll try some in the near future. Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts! :-D