Wednesday, April 27, 2016

End of the Art Deco Monogram

This is the last installment of Ruby Short McKim’s Art Deco Monogram Font. It was published the October 30th. Ruby says that X, Y and Z are quite lacking in popularity but that many collect the whole series. That way when a gift is needed you have any combination of initials possible. I have known people with a last name starting with Y and Z, but never X!

Click here to download a pdf version

For the complete font here is a list of links:
               A – D
               E – H
               I – L
               M – P
               Q – T
               U – W
Also, the posts are all tagged as Art Deco Font. 

The 101 Patchwork Blocks quilt that will start next Wednesday. I will share a couple layout options and an overview of the blocks between now and then. I am going to do mostly rotary cut blocks but will offer a choice of some of the applique blocks that can be included. I'm also planning on one or two pieced final borders. I expect this quilt will be queen sized if you make all the blocks. I'm having fun deciding which ones to start with!

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