Saturday, April 30, 2016

May is for Makers

I am busy getting ready to launch the 101 Patchwork Patterns quilt along next week, but I stumbled across something today that I want to share. Lindsey Rhodes from LRStitched has a post about purchasing patterns from independant designers. There are so many patterns available free on the
internet, and I so often design my own. I don't support other designers beyond following their blogs. I am going to commit to what Lindsey is suggesting and purchase one pattern every week for the month of May from an independent designer. There are so many wonderful people doing fabulous work with unlimited creativity.

As a beginning designer I only have two patterns for sale, at, and carried by one wholesale distributor, Checker Distributors. Some months I have no sales, others a dozen or more. I have several more patterns in the works but it takes a lot for a design to go from an Electric Quilt drawing, to instructions, test sewing, making a sample and writing the pattern. And whatever fabric you make the cover photo sample with is no longer available by the time the pattern is published. Anyway, pardon the preaching but I just wanted to say we should support independent designers and bloggers, and don't copy and share patterns.

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