Friday, May 13, 2016

Meet Ruby McKim

I found a post last night on a new fabric line coming out called Vintage 30's Ruby's Treasure by Barbara J. Eikmeier for Fabri-Quilt, Inc., in conjuction with McKim Studios.There is a nice article on Inspired by Fabric, the blog for Fabri-Quilt/Paintbrush Studios. I love this fabric line and will be purchasing a fat quarter bundle as soon as it arrives in stores. I'll let you know when I see it at major online retailers. (pictured here, (c) Fabri-Quilt, Inc.)

On another note, I've had several inquiries about getting the weekly block emailed to you. I was not planning to do that, but you can sign up for my email newsletter and you will get a reminder to visit Seacoast Quilter and see the new block. The blog post each week will have photos of the step by step construction of the block. A beginning quilter can start now and improve their skills as we move forward through the quilt and the blocks get more difficult (y-seams, paper piecing, applique, etc.) 

On a personal note, I am going home from a rehab stay today. It will take a couple months to get back to my usual strength but quick action saved me from a heart attack. If you ever have symptoms that you might think are a heart attack please call 911. They had a portable EKG unit, hooked me up, and took me away to the hospital. I didn't get the names of any of the emergency workers but thanks, whoever you are.

I'll be back Monday with my next #MayisforMakers pattern. I may even make it over the weekend.


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