Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy 2018!

Just a short post to show my first Quiltville mystery block. I'm still working on the steps but jumped ahead to see how it would look. I'm happy with how the colors go together and can't wait to assemble the whole top. It will definitely be bright and cheerful.

I have been sick since Christmas with a cold. Just when I think I may be getting better, I get worse again. And then there's the weather. We've had weeks of frigid temps, going way below zero with the wind chill. And we have a lot of snow piled up outside. More than I remember in several years. I managed to find someone to plow my driveway, but no one wants to shovel. So whatever has to be done is up to me.

Since I am retired, and I've been sick, I haven't been going out. Till Friday when I had a doctor's appointment and had to go out. Snow had blown in around my back door. Well, after prying it open it wouldn't shut. I have a locking screen door but I wasn't thrilled about leaving the back door open. I texted my nephew two states away for guidance. He ended up driving up Friday night and changing the door on Saturday. He thought the old one was probably original which dates it to 1900. I'm very thankful he would drive three hours up and back to do this for me. I never even got to the point of calling around to find a handyman.

Forgive me for the poor lighting on this bag but I just finished it and wanted to share. It is from Sue O'Very Designs and is made with your embroidery machine. The blue top and corners are cork fabric. This zippered bag was so easy to make. It took me a couple hours between choosing fabric and ironing it, then cutting everything. Sewing was a simple step by step process with very detailed photo instructions. The next one will go faster now that I know the process. Love it!


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  1. You mystery block looks good - it will make a very happy quilt with the yellow centres.
    Your zippered bag looks very sweet. I haven't heard of cork fabric before.