Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I'm taking a class!

I want to share one thing I've been sewing in addition to the Quiltville Mystery. I saw this quilt, Enchanting Stars, in an email from a local quilt shop, Compass Point Quilts in East Kingston, NH. I've known Lisa for a number of years, having met at a quilt guild meeting. I finally stopped by her shop one day last fall. Wow, I've never seen so many batiks in one place. Heaven! There was a quilt hanging on the wall that I fell in love with. It was the sample for this pattern.

It is being offered as a 6 month class meeting once a month. I missed the first class while at a nephew's wedding, and the most recent class due to illness. So I'm going for an open sew day on Saturday, and I wanted to make some progress before I get there. I'm able to piece the sections; it's the assembly that's tough. 

This is the first section assembled. I had completed everything except putting the center star into the block at the last class. It's sort of like inserting a sleeve into a shirt. Not too bad with a lot of pins and patience.

This quilt has me hooked, and I've enjoyed the process so much, that I've signed up for a retreat with the author of these patterns in April. Take a look at the new kits and patterns coming here. I can't wait to tackle the next one!

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